Wedding Day Highlights

The video that brings your Wedding Day back to life just by pressing the Play button. The wedding day is fully documented, and you get to relive that special day over and over again.

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Eddie and Elise are such a sweet couple and we really had fun filming their wedding. Eddie is always so emotional, from the arrival of Elise at the church, to the march-in and of course when seeing his family videos (who were not able to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions on travel). But we are glad to make this a beautiful day for them, thank you!

Having gone through so much together, we are so happy that Dillion and Julia are tying the knot! We are really glad to be part of their most special day of their lives.

One of our most fun-loving, spontaneous, and spunky couple, especially our Bride Wei Ling who is game for almost anything! We are deeply touched by the fun-loving couple and their feelings for each other.

Carl and Michelle are one of the most gentle and sweetest couple that we have filmed, and their groomsmen and bridesmaid were an equal bunch of fun as well. Even the day went long into the night, everyone was still in great spirits. It was a lovely wedding!

Definitely one of the funkiest and coolest gatecrashes we have filmed so far, Nate and his team of brothers bring so much fun and life to the party. Jeslin is this ultra sweet and lovely girl, they make such a cool and beautiful couple and we had fun filming their wedding day. Thank you for making us part of your beautiful day!

Gab & Jess had this very intimate and closeknit luncheon with family and close friends, and invited us to document this special moment where the food, atmosphere and love was fantastic!

We are so glad to be part of this beautiful couple's wedding journey, from their pre wedding video/photoshoot, to their wedding day photo and video. The night after party was so hilarious and we are happy to see so many of their best friends turning up to celebrate this wonderful day, thank you Mingwei and Wanzhen!

When we first suggested the Quiksilver effect to Nan and Gaby, they immediately said OK without hesitation! Thank you for believing in us and our creativity, and up till today this video still brings in laughter and wonderful memories of their wedding day, where their guests were truly entertained as they saw the comedic side of the wonderfully sporting couple. And not to forget Nan held a mini concert of his own that left our bride tearing with happiness! Ultra sweet!

Celine is this super cheerful and always laughing girl but when it came to their wedding day, Ben and Celine was so emotional and full of love that we could feel it even from a distance away. When Celine marched into the hall down the isle with her dad, Ben was fighting so hard to hold his emotions, we were so greatly touched by this church wedding. Thank you for having us on this beautiful day!

Paco is a personal friend of ours, he owns his own hair saloon in JB and is the man behind the team's cool cuts and funky hairstyles so when he asked if the team was willing to spend a night in JB to help document his wedding day, there was simply no hesitation at all! On the wedding day itself, his wife Pheonny was so emotional too, it brought us lots of joy in documenting this beautiful day.

A very emotional video of Peter and Angela, who began their love journey with a long distance relationship that eventually blossomed into this wonderful marriage. Love conquers all!

The toughest part of being a groom on the wedding day is the gatecrash. No doubts about that. And our sporting groom Christopher and his merry band of brothers pulled off task after task by the demanding bridesmaids, and eventually the groom gets his beautiful bride Maryann! We knew the day was going to be lots of fun because we were also part of their pre wedding journey as well. Congratulations you two lovebirds!