Pre Wedding Film

Where it all began: From strangers to friends to lovers to lifetime partners. Every couple has their own unique story.

What's yours?

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Nestled in the serene morning of the mysterious yet beautiful Coney Islands, we documented the beautiful love story of Ernest and Gillian, in our classic pre wed filmlet where both of them professed their love in the most sincere, beautiful way possible.

A simple yet meaningful childhood montage, combined with their beautiful pre wedding photos that we shot in the Gardens by the Bay, Chen Chuen  and Felicia were game for anything that makes them so awesome! 

This is one of our biggest projects to date! The magical island of the hobbits, nestled among the beautiful landscapes and majestic snow-capped mountains, we travelled from Christchurch to Queenstown and filmed all their magical moments!

We documented their love journey in this very cute and fun pre wedding film, where Takumi and Cheryl shared with us their intimate details of their love story, and Takumi's well-thought, romantic proposal!

The land of the hobbits. This beautiful pre wedding video was shot in the Southern Island of New Zealand. We rented a campervan for the duration of 10 days and documented the wonderful journey of Zul and Aqilah. We trekked the stunning landscapes of Mount Hooker Valley track and ascended the iconic Roy's Peak for that money shot!

The location that every couple wants their pre wedding to be done in, the legendary island of Iceland! The beauty of the elusive aurora northern lights, the amazing skyhigh waterfalls and the picturesque landscapes that our drones capture will be documented in this beautiful once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Definitely one of the most enjoyable pre-wedding videos we have shot! Mingwei and Wanzhen first held hands at a bus stop almost 10 years ago (during their schooling days!) and we re-enacted the same scene while adding some love elements, Steph Lee Films-styled, into this sweet and touching video. Enjoy!

We had so much fun in filming Christopher and Maryann's pre wedding video, because they were simply game for anything! Their bubbly and spontaneous characters ensured the day was full of fun and laughters!

One of the sweetest couples we have filmed by far, you can see from their eyes, the way they look at each other: they are so much in love! And we are glad to be able to document this sweet journey of theirs and ink it into their everlasting memories.

Mount Fuji, Tokyo, and a lovely self-penned song by local rap/hip-hop artise Haffiz (Jay-One of XS) conveys his feelings and emotions for his wife-to-be which was depicted in this beautifully crafted MV which showcases the best of the couple's love in this pre-wedding video.

Melvin and Angelyn are one of the cutest couples we have met, and this naturally transforms to their pre wedding video mood, which was fun and joyous. We explored different places in Singapore, and managed to get a permit to film at the iconic but now defunct Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. What a piece of history to bring with them in their lifelong journey!

Harang and Yvonne had their pre wedding photoshoot with us in Bangkok. We filmed this short and sweet Save the Date video. Check out the different scenes, you won't expect it to be from Bangkok because it looks so European!