Cinematic Wedding Livestream

With video conferencing getting more popular and restrictions on crowd gathering, we incorporated our 6 years of corporate livestream experience into weddings! There is a difference between a livestreaming company and a wedding livestream company and here at Steph Lee Films we know exactly where to be when the important moment happens. Because we are wedding videographers first.

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18.12.2021 Dillion and Julia's beautiful matrimony @ Bethesda Depot Walk

12.12.2021 Jason & Jia En @ Andaz

12.9.2021 Arie & Jolene's beautiful matrimony @ CHIJMES

11.9.2021 Marc & Srishti @ Fullerton Hotel

11.9.2021 Vinshin & Sandra's wedding livestream @Alcove - Caldwell House, CHIJMES

9.9.2021 Breathtaking views of the wedding solemnisation on top of the Supertrees Observatory, Gardens by the Bay

31.7.2021 Gabriel & Jessendryl @ Wheeler's Estate

27.2.2021 1 min Instafilm highlights of Pascal & Vera at The Capella, Singapore

25.7.2021 Yuki & Aisha @ Halia House, Botannic Gardens

11.7.2021 Raymond & Shin @ Regent Hotel - Highlight of the day, their 2 super adorable puppies gracing the occassion with a special "march-in" down the aisle!

10.4.2021 One of our favourite wedding venues - JW Marriott and we absolutely love this intimate and touching wedding of Justin and Diane!

27.2.2021 Beautiful weather, beautiful venue, beautiful couple. Just a perfect day!

3.7.2021 Lionel & Leonie @ Barker Road Methodist Church

2.1.2021 Start of a new year and start of a new beginning for Matthew and April. Holy matrimony at Thomson Road Baptist Church.

28.12.2020 An absolutely beautiful wedding held at JW Marriott for Winston and Sue Anne. Check out the awesome march in where we captured the most beautiful of march-ins as the event is being streamed on Zoom to Sue's relatives abroad, who also joined in during the toast!

5.12.2020 A holy matrimony wedding celebration held at the beautiful Caroline's Mansion @St Regis, together with their family and friends, as well as streaming on YouTube to those who are unable to attend due to the limit in numbers. Beautiful!

2.12.2020 This lovely, close and private wedding solemnisation was held at the Summer Pavilion @Ritz Carlton, where the families of both Bryant and Michelle gathered to witness the wedding solemnisation, as well as their online guests from Hong Kong.

12.6.2021 Jonathan & Beth @ Hakka Methodist Church

10.10.2020 A wonderful day at Hotel Intercontinental sees the holy matrimony celebration of Mack & Kareen, and their treasured guests were all able to witness this beautiful moment as the livestream captured each important moment of this amazing day.

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22.08.2020 A close, intimate church wedding for Josiah and Evelyn as they embarked on their new journey today as a married couple. Held at Regent Hotel, the Patterson ballroom was beautifully decorated to celebrate this wonderful day.