Same Day Edit

Same Day Edits are shown during the lunch/dinner banquet where your guests get to enjoy and watch what happened during the day! This magic is brought possible by the team who works tirelessly throughout the day to bring you these wonderful works in lightning fast editing speeds.

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8 brothers! What a big brother-party for KiaYee, who had no problems at all passing the gatecrash. We had lots of fun shooting the outdoor photoshoot/videoshoot too! Thank you for having us, we really enjoyed the day as much as you did!

What a cool couple! We met Matt and Georgina at one of our wedding roadshows, and they said they came back specially for us because they loved our style of wedding cinematography, what a sweet couple they are! And the camaraderie between the brothers and sisters is so awesome you can see it from this Same Day Edit!

We followed their long 10 year journey of love beginning from their ROM to their New Zealand Pre Wed Shoot, and today we are finally witnessing them getting married!

Rachel is one of the most polite and softspoken brides we have ever filmed, and Sunil is such a gentleman! This very touching video showcases the deep love they have between them, and their vows were so touching that left some guests teary-eyed, so did we too! We are glad to be part of this wonderful and beautiful day.