Steph's immense creativity allows him to excel in both the world of photography and videography. Since the beginning of 2008, Steph has created a unique photography and videography style that separates him from the rest of the field.

Testimonials reflect highly of working with Steph and his team of brilliant individuals, be it wedding couples or the intense world of corporate clients. Steph is more like friend to those who have worked with him rather than just "the photographer".

Steph loves travelling. So does Wendy.
Together they make the best travelling partners.

We enjoy taking beautiful photos.
But most of all we enjoy seeing other couples in love!

Wendy keeps Steph sane.

Wendy is Steph's lighthouse.

Steph keeps Wendy safe.

Steph is Wendy's Iron-man.

Our lifelong dream is to travel.
The world, together.

Wherever we go, we create images and memories.

This is just a story of Steph and Wendy.
We hope you enjoyed our brief introduction of ourselves!